You’re Not Perfect, You’re Human

A lot of people strive to be the perfect child, the perfect mom, the perfect wife, the perfect employee. The ugly but definitely accurate truth is, perfection is not attainable in this world. As long as we stay human, we will never be perfect, because imperfection comes with being human.

Pitfalls of PerfectionismIf you are one of the many who strive for perfection, then you should pat yourself in the back and say that you are not wrong for being imperfect. Remember that in committing errors, you get a valuable life lesson nobody else can experience.

We’ve seen this happen so many times. Many of our great artists have been ridiculed when they were little, or they croaked during an audition, in turn making them committed to tuning their craft and striving to be the best singer. Look where they are now!

If Steve Jobs didn’t commit the error of leaving school, do you think he will be able to achieve all the things he has achieved? How about Albert Einstein? Remember how many times he flunked school? Or should he have stayed working in the patent office to become the perfect clerk? He was definitely imperfect. He was not the perfect student. He was far from being that. But he gave the world a lot, and he changed the way we define things.

In everyone’s life there are always imperfections, and it will not matter. What will happen is how you react to them, how you are able to sift the positive lesson out of an otherwise negative experience. Only then will you achieve, not perfection, but greatness.

Credit: graur razvan

Great Chemical and Steam Resistance

Teflon fabrics have a reputation of being stable under extreme conditions, so those who need something that will withstand heat or pressures are right to choose Teflon. It is vastly superior to the PTFE fiber and under the right conditions it can be weaved into various patterns, while retaining its non-stick property. Those who are concerned about how well the fabrics will perform when interacting with steam and chemicals, can put their worries to rest because Teflon has the required characteristics to last.

Due to the fact that they don’t require any new medication and are not responsible for gear contamination, Teflon doesn’t require a lot of maintenance either. While extreme conditions require the most durable materials money can buy, not everyone is in need of such products and some are looking for a more versatile fiber. The Dacron polyester is the ideal choice for several reasons, with the low price, nice variety of fiber sizes and good abrasion resistance standing out from the crowd. With a melting point close to 482°F it is durable enough to withstand high temperatures and also has a decently high tenacity.

Those who are willing to decrease the durability of the material even further to cut down on costs, should consider nylon fabrics first. Without being as sturdy as the aforementioned products, it is relatively hydrophobic has a melting point that is even higher than polyester and also superior tenacity. Add to this its resistance to mildew and abrasion and it got a handful of good reasons for considering this fabric.

Spend Your Time Wisely

Some people seem to have more than twenty-four hours in a day with the many things they are able to accomplish. For example, my neighbor prepares her kids for school, drives them to school on her way to work, picks them up before going home, cook dinner, teaches voice lessons in the evenings, and now I learned she is training for a triathlon while organizing her sister’s wedding who’s abroad. Wow! How is she able to do all these? My daily routine is composed of going to and from the office, and I barely have the energy to cook dinner. Is something terribly wrong with me?

balancing lifeOver coffee, I just had to ask her, and I soon deduced that the key to accomplishing a lot of things is to manage my time wisely. We each plotted our daily activities and I find out that I spend a lot of time doing nothing, or at least, nothing productive.

My neighbor barely has idle time on her hands, but she makes sure that she has certain rest times during the day. She also told me that she doesn’t procrastinate – if there is something to be done, she does it immediately so that the chores don’t pile up. She’s also shied away from certain things, like gaming, watching entertainment shows and the like, but she said that it’s a small sacrifice to make compared to all that she’s accomplished.

In the end, it’s all about making the choice. So now I know better than to spend my time whining. Instead, I will start hitting the gym, something I should have done last week.

Credit: Michelle meiklejohn